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  • dianelouv 188 plants Mexico11

    Anybody know anything about starting raspberries from seed? I just went and bought a box at the store and I’m not going to eat them, unless they need to go through me in order to sprout, haha.

    Posted about 3 years ago
  • 71 plants United States5b

    Not unless your a cold-hearted woman – Raspberry seeds need stratification, or freezing for about a 2 week period before they will germinate. I always propagated from cuttings, because I found that starting from seed is difficult at best.

  • Posted about 3 years ago
  • Folia Supporter
    28 plants United States4

    I wouldn’t go through the trouble of starting from seed. If you know anyone that has raspberries, ask to have a few suckers and plant those. They will be happy to get rid of those plants popping up in the yard. And after a few years, you will be wanting people to ask you for suckers. Having said that, I LOVE my raspberry bush. Do you want me to send you a few suckers? hehehe

  • Posted about 3 years ago
  • 188 plants Mexico11

    Thanks for the info. hotwired, I’m gonna have to be a cold hearted woman! Problem is, I live here in Colima, Mexico where it’s hard to get unusual plants, and raspberries are quite unusual. Thus, the seed starting questions. mcav0y, I’d love a few suckers! but I don’t think they’d get here.

  • Posted about 3 years ago
  • Folia Supporter
    28 plants United States4

    If we could, I would trade you raspberries for tomatoes and avocados! Ah, we always want what we can’t have.

  • Posted about 3 years ago
  • 188 plants Mexico11

    My raspberry seeds are in the freezer! Wish me luck.

    mcav0y: I just realized that you live far up there in the north country. No avocados for you, boohoo. I have my young avocado tree coming along and will buy another soon, but the tomatoes (chiles, cucumbers, my very favorites) don’t grow. There are nematodes, white flies, and caterpillars among other things that get the plants before the tomatoes set. We’re on opposite ends of the perfect growing climate. One day I’ll figure out how to grow them, but so far everybody says it’s impossible without complete isolation. The weather doesn’t get cold enough to kill the pests, and people have used so much pesticide that the pests are coming back in a big way. Blackberries grow really well, so I guess if I can get the seeds to sprout, the raspberries will also like it here.

  • Posted about 3 years ago

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