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Private garden in Portland, OR for a small wedding in Summer?

  • gardenbs Folia Supporter 12 plants United States8a

    Looking for a private home that has a nice garden that would consider opeing their garden to a summer wedding of a party of 10-15 people for our son and future-daughter-in-law. All the public gardens are booked up in Portland. Bride only wants her immediate family for the ceremony. I got to thinking, of all the beautiful gardens there are out there, maybe there are gardeners that would open their garden to a small family of the bride and groom.If you know of anyone who does this or qwould consider this, please let me know. My garden would work, but I live in the northern most of part of WA., so it is not close enough. Just thought I’d throw this out there to see what you other gardeners think or what you might know of the Portland area. Thanks, mother of the groom. Barbara

    Posted about 3 years ago
  • creme

    Folia Helper

    176 plants United States5

    That is so lovely, Barbara. You might try posting your request over at yourgardenshow.com

    Have fun!

  • Posted about 3 years ago

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