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top ten new gardening show ideas.

  • anelson Folia Supporter 522 plants United States8b

    I thought this was pretty funny. Luckily I can share with folians.

    As someone who occasionally enjoys “what not to wear”, I had already had the idea of a “what not to grow” show.

    I probably would actually watch any of these if they existed.

    Posted over 2 years ago | Last edited over 2 years ago
  • 261 plants Canada8a

    Hilarious. I particularly enjoyed “Composting with the Stars” and “Pimp my Hive”! (The notion of contestants having to fashion tomato cages out of old couch springs in “Kitchen Garden Nightmares” tickled my funny bone too.) Thanks for posting this – a good giggle.

  • Posted over 2 years ago | Last edited over 2 years ago
  • Folia Supporter
    313 plants Australia11

    Fantastic stuff! “Kitchen Nightmares” for me!!! Too funny.

    Have you seen Kiss My Aster’s “Hey Girl: The Garden Series” … brilliant! Here’s the link HeyGirl!

  • Posted over 2 years ago | Last edited over 2 years ago
  • Folia Supporter
    522 plants United States8b

    No i hadnt seen that! Its so sexy!

  • Posted over 2 years ago
  • Folia Supporter
    313 plants Australia11

    Oh yes, Anelson, very easy on the eyes!!! and the quotes are worth a chuckle as well.

  • Posted over 2 years ago
  • 72 plants Canada8b

    What about “19 garden-plots and counting”?… or “Hoarders: buried alive, gardener’s edition”. I often look at my garden supplies and stash and wonder if I might ever be on that show… My basement is filled with all sorts of garden goodies. Can you almost sense the tension and anxiety in me if someone threatens to take away a package of seeds?
    Apparently I watch a lot of TLC channel…

  • Posted over 2 years ago
  • 49 plants Australia9b

    Actually, I can sort go for the last one. Many of the problems plants have ARE people problems. Thanks for the giggle.

  • Posted over 2 years ago
  • 71 plants Germany6

    Absolutely wonderful! I could be on all of those shows!

  • Posted over 2 years ago
  • SneIrish

    Folia Helper

    Folia Supporter
    1052 plants United States6b

    Too funny, Thanks for the giggle!

  • Posted over 2 years ago
  • creme

    Folia Helper

    176 plants United States5


    I LOLed at 24.

  • Posted over 2 years ago

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