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meowy's Container garden

Garden Type: Container | Sun: Don't Know | Soil: Don't Know | Established: 2007

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This is my first year to do herbs. Despite having a large yard, I prefer containers. Our ground is mostly sand and we’ve found things just grow better (and are easier to weed) if we keep them in containers.

I have one rosemary plant.

Two peppermint (regular w/ a chocolate plant in one of the pots too)

I had two with oregano baskets, one got roasted in a nasty heat wave. The other I rescued, broke up into two smaller pots and brought indoors. They look much better now. Actually growing, I never did harvest any. It didn’t seem to really grow but now it’s starting to a bit.

Planted begonias in containers, first time we’ve tried this plant. Love it, trying to get cuttings to root for next year.

Tomato plant in one pot, turns out it wasn’t a determinate kind so it’s kind of all over the place. Learned a lot about tomatoes in the last month haha

We have a big pot with bell peppers, hopefully they hurry up and grow!

I also have a Lucky Bamboo in a pot, it spent the summer outdoors and just only recently came back inside.

I have two cactus plants, one stays indoors (it’s actually a keychain plant from ThinkGeek) and the other is brand new but next year it might spend some time out in the summer. Have more to read up about those.

I have a sweet potato in a jar, it just sprouted a teensy little nub on the top today!

Yesterday I toothpicked an avacado seed to see what happens.

I have a jar of ivy in water

I have an ivy plant indoors, what do you call it.. starts with a P.. not Pothos though the other one. Philodendron?

I also hav eanother ivy outdoors that will come indoors this week. I have no idea what it is, 2 bucks at Walmart no identification.

Until about a month ago, I also had Cat Grass growing in a basket for the neighborhood cats to eat so they’d keep off my other stuff. Seemed to work great, they stopped laying on my plants :)

That’s my containers! :)

Located in Zone 7, United States, meowy's Container garden is an outdoor garden that currently contains 5 plants.

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  • Peppermint


    Mentha x piperita

    Sown on 16 Jun 07 Tiny plant from Horticulture center. Planted...

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  • Tomato


    Solanum lycopersicum

    Sown on 16 Jun 07 Small plant from Horticulture center. Growin...

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  • Rosemary


    Rosmarinus officinalis

    Sown on 05 Jun 07 Purchased as a whole plant from the local Horti...

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  • Ivy



    Purchased at Walmart in September 2007 I don...

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  • meowy

    meowy wrote:

    testing comments :)

    Posted on 17 Sep 07 (over 6 years ago)

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