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We’ve been homeowners for about five years with a super long list of things we keep meaning to get around to doing. Everyone knows how that goes!

This year, we’ve finally gotten around to leveling out a rather sad depression in the back yard and that led to finally feeling better about making some space for gardening. This year it’s a hodge-podge of things.

Highest on the list are tomatoes. Mostly heirloom tomatoes. These we propagated from seed and had very good luck in what was successful. Next up – peppers, and lots and lots of them. I may have overdone myself in this category. We’re experimenting with potatoes (not too sure how I feel about them so far). The rest is devoted to pickling cucumbers, beets, green onions, edamame beans (soy beans), carrots and pole beans.

Now to read up on how to can and preserve most of this…


    • stephmo's Backyard Left Side garden

      Backyard Left Side garden

      Zone 5 I have two vegetable gardens in the back (for the most part) that we’ve taken the additional step of boxing. We dug each garden up an down ab...

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    • stephmo's Backyard Porch Garden garden

      Backyard Porch Garden garden

      Zone 5 This was not originally meant to be a garden. But with husband’s desire to plant potatoes this year, we ran out of space quickly in the left ...

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      • 5
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    • stephmo's Backyard Right Side garden

      Backyard Right Side garden

      Zone 5 I have two vegetable gardens in the back (for the most part) that we’ve taken the additional step of boxing. We dug each garden up an down ab...

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      • 29
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    • stephmo's Side of House Decorative garden

      Side of House Decorative garden

      Zone 5 When we moved in, this was a conglomeration of old annuals, wildflowers and weeds – mostly to the point where once it had grown in, it looked...

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