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Most of my gardening is fuctional – I either want the plants around for shade or to eat, so most of my plants are vines, veggies, herbs, etc. I’m also fairly new at this, so I’m still learning as I go.

The only space I have is a standard backyard in a suburban area, so I’m working with what I’ve got.

I can cook some basic foods, but I’ve been experimenting with more interesting recipes lately. I like using fresh ingredients, especially herbs, but a small package can be so expensive. Many of my plants were planted because I wanted to make some dish out of them.

I like traveling too, although I find I don’t often have enough time or money to commit to it.


    • Nettmarie's Backyard garden

      Backyard garden

      Zone 9 Just the area around my house, other than my dedicated veggie garden or potted herbs.

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    • Nettmarie's Container Herb garden

      Container Herb garden

      Zone 9 I love having fresh herbs to cook with, and hate how expensive a little package of fresh herbs is at the grocery store. There is something very sa...

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    • Nettmarie's Veggie garden

      Veggie garden

      Zone 9 Just outside my back door next to the patio.

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    • Nettmarie's Vineyard garden

      Vineyard garden

      Zone 9 They are actually spread out all over the yard, but they sort of belong together.

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