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I come from a family of gardening women, with one difference. My mother and grandmother focused on vegetables and cute annuals, with a few perennials or reseeding plants thrown in. I went for roses.

When I was about 12 I came across a distressed Pure Poetry rose at a greenhouse sale. My mother informed me that roses were very difficult to grow, and if I really wanted to, she’d let me try it out in a small patch to the side of her garden.

That one rose lasted for ten years and opened the door to so many amazing varieties. No longer were roses off limits to me because they were ‘too hard’! By the time I moved out at 18 there was a thriving rose garden in the front yard, and a few miniature roses in the back yard. I promptly started pruning and restoring the roses set to run wild in my new home, and after I left there and moved here, I decided to just get rid of the lawn and have a garden or five instead.


    • Khamsin's East Side garden

      East Side garden

      Zone 5 This garden was largely there when I moved in. I added gladiolas and nasturtiums, and my roommate added hosta, daylilies and a neat orange plant th...

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    • Khamsin's Front garden

      Front garden

      Zone 5 I hate mowing the lawn. I love roses. So my entire front lawn is now a rose garden. Currently there are 29 roses in at least 10 varieties (three un...

      • 38
      • 4
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      • 1
    • Khamsin's Houseplant garden

      Houseplant garden

      Zone 5 I’m awful with indoor plants. Absolutely awful. But when extended family know I garden, they always, always try to give me houseplants. Then ...

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    • Khamsin's Rear garden

      Rear garden

      Zone 5

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