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  • LianaR 16 Jun 2014
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    Allotment check

    Grandma beans 2 Watering, Broad bean De Monica Watering, Climbing bean Lingua di Fuoco Watering, Bean Borlo...
    Weeding, fertilising, tying the bean trellis together, earthing up potatoes. Relaxing after getting finals results!
    Partly Cloudy 13°C / 55°F
  • DiggerKnowle 16 Jun 2014
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    Egg Sacs. Can Someone Identify Them, Please?

    I found these egg sacs while planting out some Spring Onions (probably Scallions) that I purchased from a local chain garden centre. Can someone please help me by identifying them? I have no idea. I separated them into an empty container, where I photographed them. They are about one millimetre i...
    Overcast 20°C / 68°F
  • Deano 14 Jun 2014
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    Divide and conquer!

    Geranium 'white' Dividing and Side Bed garden
    This geranium was getting a little cramped at the edge of the border so after the mid year cut back I’ve divided the clump into 15 pots and put under the benches in the humid greenhouse. With any luck I’ll have 15 plants where there was 1. An ideal job for a slightly overcast and dull...
    Mostly Cloudy 15°C / 59°F
  • Amarylis 25 May 2014
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    Strawberry runners planted out in 1st bed

    Strawberry runners planted out Planting Out and Dave's Allotment 2014 garden
    I had some Strawberry runners rooting in Gerry’s greenhouse on his plot I’ve planted them out in the first bed on my allotment, Plot 12A, where they have joined older plants. I’ve decided to make this 1st bed at the top of my plot into the main Strawberry bed. Up till now I̵...
    Partly Sunny 19°C / 66°F
  • Amarylis 04 Jun 2014
    • 2
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    Miniature roses ‘Dark red’ flowering on balcony table & railings

    Miniature rose 'Dark red' Blooming and Balcony garden
    I have two Miniature Roses ‘Dark red’ flowering on our balcony, one is on the big, round white table in the corner & the other one, which I’ve had for quite a few years now, in in a small green trough that sits on the middle bar that runs all the way around the railings of the balcony. ...
    Partly Sunny 18°C / 64°F
  • Amarylis 02 Jun 2014
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    French climbing beans ‘Cherokee Trail of Tears’ sown on Plot 58

    French Climbing Bean 'Cherokee Trail of Tears' and Gerry's 2014 Allotment 58 garden
    I sowed some of these French climbing beans ‘Cherokee Trail of Tears’ amongst the Runner beans on Gerry’s allotment, Plot 58, where the beans he had put out had subsequently died after a night of frost during May. Funnily enough not all his beans were killed, just a couple here & there in the...
    Partly Sunny 19°C / 66°F
  • Amarylis 02 Jun 2014
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    Nasturtiums now put out in Trinity Free Church gardens

    Dahlia 'Dwarf mixed' Dying, Garden nasturtium 'Tom Thumb Mixed' planted out 3rd June Planting Out, and Trin...
    I’ve now put out the Nasturtiums seedlings, I’d been growing on the balcony, in the Trinity Free Church gardens. A few weeks earlier Id planted out some Dahlia seedlings but when I went to plant out the Nasturtiums I could hardly find their remains, left by the snails & slugs who&...
    Partly Sunny 19°C / 66°F


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